about us

We design products for digital distribution and local production, using parametric and generative methods, and a touch of art.

With a decade of experience in design for additive manufacturing, working primarily on mechanical products and functional items, stuth designs the objects that make up our lives. We have worked in architecture as both designer and builder, in consumer product design, digital fabrication, interactive electronics, and the creative arts to accomplish both client and personal goals.

The way we design, manufacture and purchase products has rapidly transitioned to digital platforms, and the next phase in product design is parametric modeling. With the capability for completely unique and customizable product offerings, parametric modeling redefines ‘made to order’ products to support a new standard for what consumers can expect in designed outcomes. Simply put, parametric modeling enables us to incorporate customer values and needs directly into the design and making of products.

Based on an ecological ethos of digital distribution and localized production, Stuth provides consultation, digital and industrial design services and products that respond to the changing conditions of the world around us.